Tuscola County Amateur Radio Association

Serving the Thumb Area of Michigan
Field Day 2017 - 467


VE Test Session

We will be holding a VE Test session on June 22nd. Please contact Roger Edwards, WJ8V.


The last National Weather Server 2022 spring weather spotting training webinar is June 2nd.
Click here for more information and links to reserve your seat.



WA8CKT repeater operates on 146.82 MHz(100Hz PL) and is located in the basement of the Tuscola County Sheriff's' Office. The antenna is a Hy-Gain 7db gain vertical situated at the top of a 110 foot tower. Coverage averages 20-30 miles around the compass.



KC8CNN repeater operates on 146.66 MHz (100Hz PL) and is located at the local 911 tower facility. The antenna is a Diamond with 6db of gain. It is located on the 410 foot tower at approximately 380 foot level. Coverage is very good in most directions. Generally the coverage is 30-40 miles or more.


VHF Repeaters

Both VHF repeaters are Kenwood, running approximately 20 watts to the antenna system. Both use duplexers and controller cards that add control to the various aspects of the repeaters.


440 Repeater

This 70cm repeater operates on 442.55 MHz (103.5 Hz PL) and located at the local 911 tower facility.It use the same listening antenna as the KC8CNN repeater with the transmitting antenna a little lower on the tower.

We operate various events throughout the year ...
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About Us

TCARA has been active in Michigan's Tuscola County for over 30 years. Membership ranges from 20 - 30 members. We are connected with the local EOC office, and have been active in ARES and many EOC emergency training events throughout the county. The club station is located in the basement of the Tuscola County Sheriff's Office. There are 2 local repeaters that are sponsored and available to use by TCARA and visitors to the area.

If you have questions or would like more information send us an e-mail.

... including ARRL Field Day
Field Day 2017 - 0459



With where we are in the coronavirus crisis we are looking for  new locations to have our meetings in person.
If we are not able to gather in person then our meetings will be held on Zoom unless otherwise indicated.

Please listen to our Monday evening net for any updates...TCARA meets every Monday evening on our 146.66 repeater at 7:30 P.M. These net meetings are semi-formal.


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